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Hey there! I'm Denis, a kickass Product Designer, a hardcore Gamer, and a proud Geek. I geek out over technologies and thrive on understanding users.

After rocking the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design course in 2017, I dived into the freelance world, slaying it in graphic design for branding, marketing, and web projects.

In 2019, I joined the real estate company as a marketing designer, where I leveled up my web design skills, conjuring captivating landing pages with Adobe XD, WebFlow, and WordPress.

But hey, 2021 had its plot twist! The pandemic fueled my ambition to pursue my dream of becoming a product designer, so I geared up and enrolled in the epic UX/UI course at Netcraft Academy.

I'm all about fusing technology and mind-blowing user experiences. With a passion for continuous learning and the pulse on emerging trends, I'm here to craft unforgettable digital adventures.