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What I did
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Overview is an all-in-one journaling app for creative and messy thinkers, with auto-organizing options. The application's primary focus is to motivate you to be yourself while helping you to stay organized. This was created as part of my UX/UI course class project.


A creative mind is often chaotic, and to make sense of the salad that happens in it, you have to log ideas, and info somewhere quickly and without thinking.

Unfortunately, there isn't an app that can combine tasks calendars, and notes in one place and can also help you organize it all.

Leonardo da Vinci was also a messy thinker and all of his ideas were thrown around the room. The creative mind needs freedom.

The Product

Clear mind

As a first objective, my design aims to assist users in clearing their minds. In the app, users are shown the most important tasks they need to accomplish that day across all the boards so that they can stay organized and accomplish them faster.

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Free Spirit

Users have the ability to create a custom board, allowing them to be as creative and flexible as they like. The user can record their voice, add information, pictures, and inspirations however they want to.

Imagine one day, all your mess would be organized with one click... sounds like a fairy tale, right? But small steps my friend, today I want to introduce you to the "" Feature, a Wonder button that groups all the relevant tasks across all the boards and filters them accordingly.

You can choose a filter based on today, this week, or this month.

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The app also lets the user search and filter by notes, tasks, boards so that he can stay organized all the time and make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

When the user is finished creating new items, it's time to drop them where ever they would like on the board.

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Add button

By clicking this button, you can add tasks, notes, and record messages.


The user can customize the board in any way they choose with this feature.

New item explained

Process & experience


My research showed that people enjoy a bit of mess here and there - a messy drawer, a messy car - even if they know where it's situated, they still will be happy to clean it up..

Using the questionnaire I designed, I learned that people save their information on WhatsApp or Google KEEP, which is convenient, but that it's easy to forget and lose things.

While several applications in the style offer freedom to the user, the user must assemble everything manually to keep things organized

Pain points


Users often lose or forget information when they navigate through various applications to save notes or tasks.


Nowadays, focusing on your tasks and staying organized has become increasingly difficult.


Users do not have full control over their boards and notes in most log applications.

  • Users need complete freedom in terms of information retention and task style.
  • Tasks should be organized automatically for the benefit of users.
  • It would be useful for users to utilize only one application for all their notes, tasks, and voice recordings.

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