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Travie is a travel organizer app with a budget feature, which helps you stay organized, and stress-free, so you can be present on your vacation rather than scanning your email for confirmations of your bookings. This was created as part of my UX/UI course final project.


Despite the abundance of life we have today, there are times when we lack concentration. We are so worried about getting everything done that we forget to be present, especially on vacations, when the stress of not forgetting something leads us to lose focus.

Therefore, on your next trip, Travie will take care of all these concerns for you, arranging your flight trip to a tidy timeline, and helping you stick to your budget as a bonus, which you can also share with your partner or friends. Namaste

The Product

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Welcome to Travie, your travel companion and new best friend, and. Travie will provide you with flight updates and notifications about any changes on your next trip.

New trip

With Travie, you can create multiple trips for multiple destinations, and combine the destinations together and everything will sync automatically.

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Add bookings

You can add tickets and booking details to a trip using either Gmail syncing, forwarding the ticket via email, or entering the flight number manually. As a result, all your bookings are organized in a simple timeline, which you can see and access, for example to show your boarding pass.


Adding the budget feature will help you keep track of what you spend, so every time you create a trip you can add a widget that shows you your spend limit. All you have to do is to enter the amount in the currency of the country that you are visiting and edit if necessary.

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Custom trip

It's okay if you booked a trip via phone, hotel, or travel agency. You can just add it to your timeline manually.

Tip of the day

Hey, it's a tip of the day, wanna know some interesting insides about your next trip or in the middle of it, some cool local restaurants, the best places to visit, and some great applications such as local taxi apps, this feature will suit you perfectly.

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Trip screen explained

Process & experience


Based on my research, I identified two primary target segments - family men in their mid-forties who travel with their families and need to carry everything with them, and high-tech professionals with spending habits who travel frequently for work and pleasure, but whose schedules are usually strict and who don't want to miss any flights.

In my opinion, the majority of existing style apps are too complex even for experienced users. These apps present too many features that make the user feel FOMO instead of focus.

Pain points


Lack of real-time updates such as check-ins, flight changes, and seat availability without having to use four different apps and manually checking them.


Unorganized bookings in the inbox can result in forgetting and losing important information.


Budget sticking problems and spending habits are common during trips.

  • Help customers receive real-time alerts with the option to sync bookings with their email.
  • A timeline that focuses on the user's upcoming bookings, helping them to be on time for every moment of the trip.
  • Providing users with a budget feature, such as converting currencies automatically and monitoring the extent of expenditures, such as slowing down BAT to ILS, will prove especially helpful.
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