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Vino +

What I did
UX | UI | Prototyping | Branding
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Vino + is a wine-e-commerce website that raises up and supports individual winemakers by building a community of wine lovers to help them grow their businesses. This was created as part of my UX/UI course class project.

Why vino+?

Buying wine is usually a journey for some people, because they love the stories, and the wine is tasting even better with one, the opportunity to sit with good friends and to drink the story is wonderful, and the knowledge you gain and friendships are one and only.

Vino + is not just your local alcohol store is your Narnia door to your endless fantasies.

The Re-Design

Home page

This is the home page of Vino +, here you can see the hot offers,
quick navigation, events blogs and more.

Product items

Here, you can check out the look and feel of the products, and you can
add any of them to a chart or add them to your favorites.

Cataloge Page

Throughout the catalog, you can filter anything you need to find the most suitable wine for you.

Catalog filter

The Quick Action Catalog Filter allows the user to quickly jump between the most important
categories for more experienced wine buyers and novices.

Product page

Get more information about the wine you enjoy, and explore new facts
and information using icons and graphs.

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Research was part of an e-commerce benchmark exercise we had. I focused on alcohol websites and was fascinated by the wine niche. There are three key categories: "Find and Buy" catalog websites, "Show me more" websites which sell alcohol instead of wine, and "Fan Club" websites where people can support the individual winemakers in addition to buying wine.

From what I found, prices are the least of the concerns of wine buyers. They evolve like pokemon over time as they develop from newbies to experienced buyers. They are always hungry for knowledge and for different flavors. In the end, they will find a community to share and gain more knowledge. One of the e-commerce websites may be able to provide this value to them.


By looking at the markets from a number of different countries, such as Germany, Israel, Russia, Italy, and the UK, I was able to come to clear conclusions about what works and what does not work.

  • Wine buyers need a place to evolve from novices to advanced buyers, so there should be more information on the product, if necessary. For instance, grape variety, grape growth condition, and vintage.
  • It is very important for novice buyers to be able to quickly navigate between categories, such as wine types, white or red, or sparkling.
  • Giving users a chance to be part of the "club" and to have a positive impact in community.

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